Welcome Clemson Athletes
to Legacy League

Why Join the Roster?

Athlete Equity

Equity for College Athletes

Our mission is to empower athletes from ALL NCAA & NAIA Schools in Any sport to benefit from the opportunity to monetize from their Name, Image & Likeness.

Athlete's don't need to be in a 'revenue' sport or have a huge social media following to benefit.

We Create NFTs for You for Free

Earn money

Athletes can create an NFT and mint for sale without paying agents, graphic designers, or license fees.  It's all done in software.

You are paid 75% of Net Revenue for every NFT sold once you are approved and agree to co-market your NFT to your family, friends, and fans!

How is Legacy League Different?



You will earn more with Legacy League. Other NIL NFT companies pay athletes significantly less because they are paying group license fees and guaranteed fees to your school. This is LESS money for you.


Our graphics and 3D designs are the best in the market. And it's free. We create super dope designs your fans, friends, and family will love.


We create Themes of NFT collections you can join. Around causes you care about. We are developing themes around minority empowerment, Title IX, mental health, underdogs, standouts, social justice, and others.

How Much Can I Make?


Athletes often ask: who would want to buy an NFT of me? How much you make is up to you!

We will market you to our thousands of buyers who want to support not just you, but a cause you stand for.

The more you market your NFT on social media and email creates more sales and more profits for you.

If you have an entrepreneurial desire, or just want money for college, Legacy League is the solution for you.