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Co-Founder Legacy League
Stuart Bush CEO Founder Legacy League
Stuart Bush LinkedIn
CEO / Co-Founder
Yale University
Co-Founder Legacy League
Kurt Hallead Legacy League
Business Dev / Co-Founder
Michigan State University
Kristi Castlin Legacy League
Athlete Dev / Olympic Medalist
Virgina Tech
Partnerships/ Former A.D.
Louisiana Tech
Adrian Dankiv
Technische Universität Ilmenau
Deep Learning Engineer
Sri Krishna College Engineering
Data Scientist
Istanbul Sehir University
Data Specialist
Notre Dame
Emily Thomas Legacy League
Project Manager
Wake Forest University
Mangalore University
Artist / Illustrator
Faculty of Information Tech
Madeline Crumpler
University of North Carolina

Board of Advisors

Rob Temple Advisor Legacy League
CEO Fishbait / Former SVP ESPN College Sports Marketing
University of North Carolina
Susan Bush UNC
Susan Quill Wikipedia
Former Soccer College MVP/ Professional & Div I Coach
University of North Carolina

86% of college student-athletes live below the poverty line.

We started this company to make a difference for student-athletes.
Laws have changed.
In June, 2021, the Supreme Court struck down a case against the NCAA. Joining the NAIA, in July, the NCAA now enables student-athletes to make money on their name, image and likeness (NIL) for the first time in history. 569,000 current collegiate athletes are ready to capitalize on their new rights, with new student-athletes starting college every year.
Athletes need a way to Maximize their NIL opportunities.
Before the recent NIL legislation changes, colleges and universities had the power to legally deny eligibility from athletes who received any form of payment for work or monetization of their NIL. Beyond stipends, student-athletes were not allowed to receive compensation for commercial work.

Even with the recent changes, most companies are pursuing either the top athletes in football and basketball, or only those student-athletes with an already sizable social-media following.  We believe this will create inequity by tilting the big dollars to a select few. We want to change that.

Most student athletes do not have access to an agent or sponsorships, and just want a way to make money. Money to pay for school, food, books, and anything else.

Athletes are looking for an easy way to market themselves, build their personal brand to have a portfolio to show hiring managers after college, and support others.

Likewise, sports fans, alumni, collectors, and even local businesses are looking for an easy way to support their favorite athletes, schools, or teams. These supporters are also looking for a way to join a community where, no matter the sport or school, they can meet an engage with other like-minded people and even the athletes themselves. But it has to be easy....

Create an NFT in under 10 Minutes without agents or designers.
Legacy League makes it easy and fast for athletes to create unique digital video assets to highlight their experience as a student-athlete. No need for an agent or graphic designer.

Every U.S. college student-athlete will have a profile ready to claim. Just sign up, get verified and start making money!

Athletes can easily create cool, unique highlights using our proprietary NFT Creation Wizard. They can then mint them as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and sell them on our marketplace.

No crypto wallet is required for either buyers or sellers and funds are available instantly after a transaction. Unlike other platforms, Legacy League NFTs are not subject to counterfeits and are Guaranteed Authentic.  We use state-of-the art blockchain technology that is eco-friendly and highly secure.

Every buyer can click and buy as easily as placing an Amazon order. Each purchase grants that buyer exclusive access to a community.

Whether you are a collector, a fan of a specific team or sport, or are searching for that student-athlete whose Legacy will rise over time, Legacy League will be a fun, new way to engage with athletes and other like-minded buyers!