Clemson NFT FAQ


What are Digital Collectibles?
A digital collectible is like a physical collectible but in digital format. Like a physical collectible, a digital collectible is distinguished and unique.

Only a limited number of each digital item will ever be sold, and only one owner can possess a version.

To ensure each digital collectible’s unique authenticity, blockchain technology is used to demonstrate rights ownership and authenticity. This is like receiving a "certificate of authenticity" with unique physical merchandise like a signed baseball card.

Even though these collectibles are secured by the blockchain, you don't need to use or know anything about crypto! Every item can be bought with a credit card and is sold based on your local currency tied to a U.S. dollar price.
Why Should I Buy These?
Collect and earn rewards!  For the 2022 Fall Season, collectors can earn VIP experiences at home Football games, "Chalk Talk" with Clemson coaches, Athlete interactions, and even tickets to a Bowl Game!

New drops will launch every THURSDAY at NOON ET during the school year.

When you buy digital collectibles, you can display and share them as you want (enjoy the bragging rights!). Your Clemson collectibles can be traded as well. The more sets you collect, you increase your chance of receiving a one-of-a-kind reward at the end of each campaign.  Check below for details.
Are these Official Clemson Items?
Yes. Legacy League has a multi-year contract with Clemson Athletics to create, market, and sell digital collectibles for all Clemson sports.

In addition, Legacy League partners with athletes, coaches, and student groups. Legacy League creates all the digital collectibles and manages the campaigns and rewards through its partnership with Clemson.

Legacy League has partnered with Sweet to host and mint your digital collectibles, where you can buy and sell collectibles using only a credit card.

Stay tuned for additional functionality in the future, where you can showcase your collectibles and claim additional bonus rewards.