86% of college student-athletes live below the poverty line.

Athlete Equity

Our primary mission is to empower athletes from Any college in Any sport to benefit from the opportunity to monetize from their Name, Image & Likeness.

Athlete's don't need to be in a 'revenue' sport or have a huge social media following to benefit.

Maximize Athlete Earnings

Legacy League offers the highest payout to college athletes for their NIL in the Industry.


Athletes can create an NFT and mint for sale without paying agents, graphic designers, or license fees.  It's all done in software.

NFTs With Utility and Benefits

Every purchase supports a college athlete and grants the buyer exclusive access to a community and games for their favorite School, Sport or Team

Eco-Friendly Marketplace for All

Our marketplace is easy to use, does not require a crypto account and is based on a state-of-the-art low emissions blockchain